Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Eagle Has Landed.

First post on the new blog... one for the ages, no doubt. No photos yet, and no art either -- I'll have to start scanning some stuff in before I can indulge in that particular function at blogger.com.

Anyway, the mission statement:

This blog will serve as a reason to keep drawing (mostly) non-comics-related artwork, so that I can feel like a "real" artist who is productive (prolific?), inspired and excited by art. It will also serve as a challenge to constantly aspire to do extracurricular work that pleases me; that pleasure based entirely on aesthetics and the employment of my "skills", rather than on storytelling and/or communication. It's a place for me to indulge in my yen for fancypants Art (capital "A"), lowbrow art (lower case "a"), and everything in-between, so long as it ain't comics. I'll allow myself the occasional superhero drawing, of course -- just no sequentials.

Not that there's anything wrong with sequential art, mind you -- I heart me some comics. It's just that I draw so many of them that it's become less art and more work for me. I hope that this blog will help me to marry the two (art and work) once more, and that I can really find that muse again. I've made a good start, I do believe.

Suddenly, I'm seeing artists all over whose work really speaks to me; I'll be linking to many of their blogs here (assuming they're okay with that), partially in an effort to organize a comprehensive list for myself that I can reference now and again to see their work and get that inspirational shot in the arm that I need. It was finding these blogs that really shoved me back into art again, so much so that I've started keeping a serious sketchbook for the fist time in many years, and I've even delved into painting (!). Thanks, all you amazing artists I don't know (or only know very peripherally)! You've brought me back from the dead.

Now, let's see how long it takes me to get some art posted here, and if I can keep up something resembling a schedule when it comes to updating this thing. Wish me luck...

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